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The basic philosophy that guides the health program is that multiple social, economic, cultural, and psychological factors lie behind the health-related phenomena, and cannot, therefore, be resolved by medical science alone.

Agriculture, Environment, Water and Climate Change

From improving government extension services to farmers in the 1990s to the applications of eco-health in early 2000, and research and development of adaptive strategies to ‘climate change’ and ‘sea-level rise’ in the coastal zones

Gender and Social Rights

Our experience in the Gender and Social Rights sphere cover many target groups and sectors.  We primarily aim to support individuals and communities to become empowered socially, economically, politically and culturally.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

This program seeks to assist companies in planning and undertaking their CSR initiatives as well as bring new companies to adopt CSR as a policy and practice.

Urban Development

CDS views urban communities as made up of people who have common values and goals and who are capable of enlisting and directing the support needed to achieve their objectives.


The focus of CDS’ work in the realm of governance has been on enhancing citizens’ participation in the planning and management of development work, and sensitizing the government officials, CSOs, and academia to be responsive to such participation.

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