About CDS

The Center for Development Services (CDS) is an entrepreneurial business venture that works toward building vibrant societies and prosperous economies wherever it operates.  We have offices in Egypt, Jordan, and Greece through which we collaborate with a wide range of partners and clients to mobilize technical and financial resources for planning and undertaking development endeavors in diverse settings and countries.

We achieve our business aims through 4 main strategies: a) service provision, primarily technical assistance, research and training, in response to the needs and interests of a wide range of actors in our business fields; b) plan and conduct own projects around identified practical and creative solutions to development problems; c) partner with others in pursuing new business opportunities or co-financing joint ventures; d) create new business entities in those fields where growth opportunities emerge.

By embracing a business portfolio that combines both self-initiated projects and services to outside clients, CDS maximizes its geographical outreach and enhances its overall impact. We continuously seek partnership and investment opportunities to accelerate innovation and action in response to common interests and needs with various actors in development field. From this perspective, CDS has customarily served as a venue for various stakeholders, including international organizations, UN-related organizations, and financing institutions local governmental and non-governmental agencies, businesses, and individuals, to identify shared interests and institutional arrangements for conducting joint work.

CDS has been recognized as one of the largest providers of development-related materials and a standard setting of participatory development practice. The philosophy of CDS has evolved towards linking participatory processes, tools and techniques to the practice of development in its entirety. The range of applications continues to be broad and varied, embracing work in fields of health, agriculture, education, environment, micro-finance, capacity building, institutional development, urban development and information technology.

Our Mission:

We support people, organizations and societies to realize their full potential and foster self-determined, self-sustaining change.