Fraud Awareness and Whistleblowing Training

The Center for Development Services (CDS)—a global network of consulting and project management enterprises—is seeking an individual financial consultant or financial consultancy firm (hereinafter called “consultant”) to provide a one-day training course on “Fraud Awareness and Whistleblowing”.   



The main objective of the one-day training course is to raise awareness of CDS staff members on fraud incidents and empowering them to raise concerns regarding fraud and other misconducts.



CDS is committed to maintain a culture of accountability and transparency in all is operations.  We aim to create an anti-fraud culture; and are committed to maintaining a transparent and accountable culture, with the ultimate aim of creating a positive working environment.  CDS takes misconduct seriously and reinforces the understanding that all staff are encouraged to disclose suspected malpractice and misconduct.

CDS is currently revamping its financial policies and procedures; integrating anti-fraud and whistleblowing procedures is an integral part of this process.  CDS aims to invest in its employees to orient them, raise their awareness and empower them to understand and apply anti-fraud procedures to create a positive working environment.


Training Content:

The consultant is expected to deliver a one-day training on the concept and applications of counter-fraud with the aim of creating a positive and pro-active working environment.

The training shall cover topics including, but not limited to:

  • Definitions of fraud; understanding corruption;
  • Mechanisms of counter-fraud;
  • Conditions necessary for effective counter-fraud policies and procedures;
  • Whistleblowing (definitions, procedures, protection mechanisms)
  • Challenges and risks of implementation;
  • Way forward


Training Methodology:

The consultant is expected to use a variety of interactive and participatory tools to engage the participants and relay the information in an easy to digest manner. The expected outcome of the training is empowered employees knowledgeable and capable of acting when they witness misconduct at work. 



  • Demonstrated experience in delivering training on combating fraud and whistleblowing policies;
  • Demonstrated experience in financial policies and procedures;


Application Procedures:

The training is anticipated to take place in between November 24th and before December 7th 2019.

Please send your technical and financial proposals with Curriculum Vitae by email to: no later than November 7th, 2019.