Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

Job Summary:

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Officer is a full-time position based in the Cairo office. S/he shall help define and develop the strategies to increase the business people, corporations and its affiliated civil society foundations’ support to the FP/RH efforts in Egypt during and beyond the program’s lifetime. S/he shall plan and oversee advocacy and networking to increase awareness of key stakeholders (the Family Planning Sector, and the National Population Council, among others in the government, corporate sector, related syndicates and business associations) as policies and regulations allow in encouraging the private sector to play a greater role in FP/RH. The CSR Officer shall generate knowledge, build relationships, and create opportunities to help the SEFPP achieve its key results under his/her designated area of responsibility. S/he shall coordinate with other SEFPP’s teams whenever needed the various program’s activities targeting the private sector involvement within the program.

  • Strong time management and program management skills;
  • Strong English and Arabic language skills, both verbal and written.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Review previous experiences and successful examples of incorporating CSR within and outside of Egypt to identify potential partners in FP/RH;
  • Plan and conduct assessment studies that the SEFPP requires to generate data and knowledge relevant to its aims to increase the private sector involvement in FP/RH fields;
  • Assist the SEFPP to develop a strategy and promotion materials to achieve its intended results in enhancing the CSR contributions to the FP/RH efforts in Egypt;
  • Develop the CSR materials that the SEFPP requires for its CSR publicity and advocacy activities
  • Participate in the annual CSR Forum and similar events to enhance the SEFPP’s linkages with participating corporate members and increase visibility of the FP/RH issues and interests among them;
  • Explore, and create opportunities for the SEFPP to gain the support of the corporate sector and its contributions to advance its aims and impact;
  • Work with identified partners to develop specific CSR activities related to FP.

Desired Qualifications:

  • BA degree in business administration or related field with a higher educational qualification in marketing or CSR (preferred);
  • Minimum three years of experience working in the corporate sector environment and engaging in CSR activities;
  • Demonstrate interest and understanding to support FP/RH causes and aims that the SEFPP promotes in Egypt;
  • Demonstrate ability and creativity to convey the FP/RH issues and interests to be appealing to the private sector;
  • Ability to network at all corporate levels;
  • A team player;
  • Ability to interpret and analyze data;
  • Excellent administration and organizational skills;
  • Strong time management and program management skills;
  • Strong English and Arabic language skills, both verbal and written.

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