Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Water and Environment

  • Natural resources management
  • Agribusiness
  • Agro-Ecology
  • Eco-Health
  • NRM and climate change adaptation
  • Water Resources Management
  • Urban and rural Water Supply and Sanitation


From improving government extension services to farmers in the 1990s to the applications of eco-health in early 2000, and research and development of adaptive strategies to ‘climate change’ and ‘sea-level rise’ in the coastal zones, CDS’ work in the agriculture and environment sectors over the past 25 years has resonated the major interests and concerns in that area. Diverse as they are, the experiences that CDS has accumulated over years have built its capacity of work on various levels in the agricultural/environmental realms: direct work with farmers to improve knowledge/skills and learn balancing traditions with modern practices in their agricultural vocation; providing specialized technical assistance and support to governmental and non-governmental institutions; supporting policy makers and international organizations in assessing environmental changes and mitigate their impact on agriculture. The essence of our work in the field of agriculture draws on the basic organizational philosophy of CDS: people’s participation is instrumental for learning and change. To develop effective and sustainable development programs, CDS relies primarily on involving all stakeholders in the assessment of needs, analysis of problems, building and sharing knowledge, and crafting solutions. We are also keen on involving decision makers at local and national levels in our work, advocating for policy change, and bridging the power gap between farmers and marginalized groups so that their voices are better heard by those in power and authority.