Gender and Social Rights

  • Gender Equality
  • Economic empowerment
  • Child Care and Development
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Support to vulnerable groups (incl. youth and migrants)

Our experience in the Gender and Social Rights sphere cover many target groups and sectors.  We primarily aim to support individuals and communities to become empowered socially, economically, politically and culturally. Gender is always a cross-cutting theme.  Like any other aspect of life, gender relations in a particular society or community are shaped by the economic, social and cultural context (including the powerful forces of religion and traditions), in which people are raised and live in. The new media, for better or worse, expose young people to a ‘new brave world’ of ideas and information beyond their immediate communities. In this context, CDS recognizes gender inequality as a significant constraint on development and provides support to organizations to ensure gender is integrated into all phases of their programs and/or projects and enables women and men to participate and benefit equally from development initiatives.


Our economic empowerment programs mainly target youth and young women to address unemployment and enhance livelihoods.  We follow a binary approach to reducing unemployment through employability interventions and developing entrepreneurship skills among youth and young women. Our work with vulnerable groups such as migrants and refugees focuses on enhancing their livelihoods and facilitating their integration in the local communities where they live to enable them adjust to their new lives.  Activities we conduct in this field include capacity building, life skills camps, psychosocial support and other activities.  Our Child Care and Development contribute to supporting families and their children to access their basic rights, support them to continue their education and provide them with quality lifestyles.