Urban Development

CDS views urban communities as made up of people who have common values and goals and who are capable of enlisting and directing the support needed to achieve their objectives. A complex and extended system of social relationships forms the basis of this network of mutual support and shared responsibility. This then is translated into the social capital needed to realize community potential. Necessary to the overall process of community revitalization, CDS has done significant work to assist local institutions, local government, NGOs, cooperatives and enterprises to develop their own capabilities to expand participation, identify problems and needs, explore alternatives, develop appropriate solutions and mobilize financial and other resources for much needed local community programs and activities.

Based on such views, CDS believes interventions must seek to enhance existing assets which help to realize the aspirations of those most directly concerned.  Sound rehabilitation programs must be firmly rooted in a more comprehensive process of community-building where local interest groups, public and private institutions work together to ensure a better future for targeted communities. Through an integrated approach to urban development, we believe that we could build more stable and healthier communities where people can achieve economic self-sufficiency and take responsibility for their future and that of their families.