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The Center for Development Services (CDS) is an employee-owned development entrepreneurial venture that uses innovative approaches to mobilize technical and financial support for development endeavors in Egypt and the Middle East.
We identify practical and creative solutions for development-related problems, and build mechanisms which allow people and organizations to use their resources effectively to improve standards of living, human and organizational capabilities, health and the environment. Through consulting, research, project implementation and cross-sector collaboration, CDS leverages its expertise in four program areas: natural resources and environment, health management and research, human capital development and partnership development. Our expertise guides communities and organizations towards sustainable development, enabling them to bring about a better future.
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CDS’s expertise falls into four main thematic areas Human Capital Development, Environment and Natural Resources Management, Health Management and Research and Partnership Development. Typically our projects draw on our strengths and experiences in the field of social science combined with our technical expertise. Find out more, about the thematic programs and our experiences.


One of CDS' unique features is the ability to balance between the management and implementation of long-term projects and its work on client-based consulting services. We offer a wide range of services from continuous capacity building and project management support to short-term training in development topics. Find out more, about the wide range of services we offer.

Latest News

09 - 12 - 2018

Launching the Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI) for Egypt - 2017

23 - 08 - 2016

Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform witnesses the closing ceremony of the Leadership Training for MPMAR employees implemented by CDS in cooperation with EPSP and USAID

23 - 08 - 2016

وزير التخطيط والمتابعة والإصلاح الإداري يشهد الحفل الختامي لبرنامج إعداد قادة المستقبل\" الذي ينفذه مركز خدمات التنمية بالتعاون مع الوكالة الأمريكية للتنمية الدولية
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