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Our Program

Our expertise falls into four main thematic areas. Typically our projects draw on our strengths and experiences in the field of social science combined with our technical expertise.

Realizing that people are an integral part of the wealth of nations, CDS focuses on the development of skills of youth, women and men to produce economic and social success through enhancing employability, civic engagement and social cohesion.
This program aims to provide innovative ideas for initiatives that explore, utilize and help preserve natural resources and environment in the MENA region. We work mainly in 4 thematic areas: climate change, water resource management, agriculture and food security and environment.
The health-social science intersection permeates our work whether in our self-initiated health projects or in our work assisting other organizations to plan and carry out their health-oriented programs. Particular areas of expertise are Action Research to generate knowledge and develop understanding of the attitude of various population groups toward health-related issues, Enhancing Health Care Service Delivery and Health Planning.
The Partnership Program promote partnership between the public and private sector and civil society organizations through the CSR concept as well as provide support and challenge businesses to mobilize their technical and financial resources to have a positive impact as well as sustainable results in the communities where they operate.
+ Dr. Alaa Saber





Dr. Saber is a founding member and Chair of CDS.  His postgraduate studies are in Behavioral Science at Cairo Medical School, and Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. For over twenty five years of his career, Dr. Saber has occupied positions within public, business, and non-profit organizations, and served in diverse cultural settings in the Middle East and North America.  He translated Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” into Arabic, and wrote on civil society in the Arab World for Alliance magazine. He served as the Middle East representative in a faculty-student committee at the Kennedy School of Government to establish an executive program on “Democratic Processes in Governance.” Over the past ten years, he has been focusing on poverty alleviation - leading Egypt’s participatory poverty assessment for the World Bank in 2000. Dr. Saber is adept in managing and consulting development studies and research, training and organizational development projects, developing human resources management systems, and designing analytic models for organizations and society.