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Organizational Capacity Development and Technical Assistance

CDS supports local NGOs and civil society organizations in developing their capacity to make a positive contribution to strengthen society. We offer technical assistance in improving the operational competence of organizations as well as human resources and leadership development. CDS mobilizes finances in terms of sub grants; develops the capacity of local organizations to manage them and strengthens their local resource mobilization capacities. CDS often forms the link between the donor agency and the civil society organization. Training (especially Training of Trainers) is often an integral part of organizational capacity development.

Over the years we have developed innovative participatory approaches that build on the competitive advantage of organizations and communities and mobilize them towards action and self-reliance; namely: Collaborative Community Action (CCA)
and Assets-Based Community Development (ABCD), as well as the wellknown
Local Economic Development (LED) approach
(find more information about these Approaches.)

Examples of our experience in Organizational Capacity Development and Technical Assistance include:

+Capacity Building of the Yemeni Association for Sustainable Agriculture Development .
This project was designed to help the Yemeni Association for Sustainable Agriculture (YASAD) revise their vision, mission, and objectives. CDS developed the capacity of YASAD staff in writing funding proposal and resource mobilization, increased their networking capabilities to lead partnership with different organizations in the field of agricultural sustainability and guided the development and revision of the strategy of the association to achieve its objectives. In parallel, CDS was commissioned by Islamic Relief in Yemen to implement the "Strengthening Non-State Actors in Development Cooperation", a European Commission program, aimed at building the capacity of forty CSOs and the Board of Directors of the Humanitarian Forum in the areas of: governance, program management, conflict transformation and peace building. (2009)

+Capacity Building of Local Agricultural Cooperatives in Egypt, Egyptian-Italian Cooperation Fund .
This three year project, part of a larger mega LE 47m project developed by CDS together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation and financed by the Government of Egypt and the Egyptian-Italian Cooperation Fund, aimed to develop sustainable means to meet the needs of farmers in desert reclamation settlements - villages in Fayoum, Beni Suef, Sohag, Assuit and Aswan Governorates – thus, improving living standards of the rural poor and encouraging the expansion of land reclamation. The project's principal strategy was to enhance capabilities of the local cooperatives in the management and efficient use of land and water resources through extension services and provision of necessary technology and machinery. Through this project, cooperatives' members particularly women had access to financial services to implement income generating activities, access health services and make improvements in their villages to provide a safer environment for living. The project actively involved women in solving some of the immediate problems facing their villages based on the results of PRA studies conducted in their villages and several initiatives using self-financed resources were implemented such as "Literacy Begins At Home" program and a "Rural Women Development Association". (2003 -2007)

+Technical Assistance to Palestinian NGOs Project, Welfare Association, Palestine .
This Welfare Association-funded project comprised of a technical assistance mission to 39 Palestinian CSOs and NGOs in the West bank and Gaza strip, assisting them in designing their strategic plans through a series of workshops and technical assistance sessions. During the years when there was no formal government in Palestine, it fell upon Palestinian NGOs (PNGOs) to provide the numerous basic services traditionally provided by governments. As the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) sought increasingly to establish its sovereignty, however, these responsibilities shifted hands, leaving the PNGO unsure of their mandates. The PNGO Development Project was designed to address this vacuum. This project started its activities by conducting wide scale trainings and technical needs assessment. CDS assessed 40 NGOs located throughout Palestine. CDS continued to provide training to the targeted PNGOs according to their needs. (2000-2001)

+Institutional Building for Egyptian PVOs, National Council for Negro Women Inc .
The National Council for Negro Women Inc. (NCNW) funded a project aimed to enhance the capacity of local PVOs to plan and manage development-related activities. Particular emphasis was placed on sensitizing organizations to the changing PVO environment, focusing attention on the need for upgrading planning and management systems, performing organizational needs assessments and providing required individualized technical assistance and training.

While training offered appeared effective for communicating new ideas and methods to individual trainees, it was most often not sufficient to assure adequate follow-up and implementation of these same ideas in the work place. This was especially true for the majority of smaller organizations lacking an adequate human resources' base as well as the financial resources to access to external training and technical assistance. Individualized assessments, grant making, and technical assistance on-site were then incorporated as a necessary supplement to more formalized group training. (1994-1997)