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Knowledge and Resource Development

CDS is regarded as the largest single provider of Arabic-language development materials for NGOs in the Middle East. During the past decade, CDS has issued a large number of publications in Arabic, English and French on a variety of development issues.

We believe that providing access to development materials in Arabic, adapted to the local context, helps to build the skills and capabilities of development practitioners in the region. Apart from offering translation and printing services of existing publications, we also work with project teams from various organizations to extract, compile and disseminate their learning and best practices.

We also regularly publish our own experiences from our long-term projects programs, in both Arabic and English.

Following examples of our publication and documentaries, Please visit our Resources page for more details and the latest publications and audiovisual material.

  • HIV/AIDS Biological & Behavioral Surveillance Survey, Round Two, Summary Report CDS, FHI and Ministry of Health Egypt, 2010 (Language: English).
  • Operational Manual to Combat Child Trafficking in Egypt, Anti-Child Trafficking Unit, Ministry of State for Family and Population in collaboration with CDS and IREX, 2010 (Language: Arabic).
  • Health: An Ecosystem Approach Documenting Eco-Health Interventions in the MENA Region, CDS funded by IDRC, 2008 (Language: Arabic, English and French).
  • The Concept of Eco-Health, CDS, funded by IDRC, 2008 (Language: Arabic).
  • Operational Manual for the Development of the Nursing Sector, CDS, funded by the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (Language: Arabic).
  • Philanthropy in Egypt: A Comprehensive Study on Local Philanthropy in Egypt and Potentials of Directing Giving and Volunteering towards Development, Marwa El Daly and CDS, 2006 (Language: Arabic and English.
  • A General View on Civil Society in Egypt, CDS, 2006 (Language: Arabic).
  • Collaborative Community Action Manual, CDS, 2005 (Language: Arabic).
  • Assets Based Community Development Manual: Success Stories from the Egyptian Community, CDS, 2005 (Language: Arabic).
  • Participatory Learning and Action Manual:Trainer's Manual, CDS funded by IIED, 2004 (Language: Arabic).