center development services


CDS is well-known throughout the Middle East region as a leader in the development and delivery of training in both Arabic and English. CDS' training programs impart knowledge, promote confidence and transfer practical skills to the participants. We offer a practical approach to training, and all training programs delivered are prepared by our own staff and based on their extensive experience and expertise in the different fields of development.

All training materials and handouts are tailored to suit the needs of the participants and training beneficiaries. We also use adapted case studies and exercises that draw upon real examples pertaining to the subject(s) being discussed. All our training programs and training courses undergo regular testing and improvement.

CDS produces hundreds of man-day in training each year, as part of either CDS' on-going projects, or delivered upon request. In many cases, training follow-up is conducted as part of an organizational capacity development program through, for example, on-the-job mentoring and coaching. This ensures that the training produces the desired long term results.
Over the years we have provided training in PRA to many development professionals within the MENA regions and we have developed a large number of learning materials on the use of PRA tools and techniques in the Arabic language.

The following is a listing of training provided by CDS (in either Arabic or English) to NGOs, governmental organizations and other clients upon their request:

  • Strategic Planning.
  • Project Cycle Management.
  • Project Design and Proposal Writing.
  • Conflict Mitigation and Conflict Resolution.
  • Communication and Counseling Skills.
  • Gender and Development.
  • Effective Aid Management.
  • Training of Trainers.
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal
  • NGO Fundraising and Resource Mobilization.
  • Community Based Credit.
  • Business Skills for New Careers.
  • Managing Volunteers and Volunteerism.

Examples of our experience in Training include:

+Effective Leadership and Change Management Trainings for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.
CDS collaborated with the JICA and the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation to deliver capacity building activities to its staff and development partners specifically in the areas of effective leadership and change management in Tanta governorate. This in an attempt to strengthen the capacity of the Irrigation Advisory Services staff in involving state and non-state actors in the attainment of the interests and goals of the Ministry. (2011)

+ Advanced Results-Based Management for Effective Aid' Training Course for the Ministry of International Cooperation UNDP Sudan .
The overall aim of the workshop was to provide Ministry of International Cooperation (MIC) staff with Results-Based Management skills and knowledge required to efficiently and effectively manage MIC programs and projects. Participants were introduced to the institutional parameters that affect planning and learned to assess the different types of projects to see if they correspond to the organization's mandate and capacity. MIC trainees were also introduced to the Logical Framework Approach (LFA) and taught how to utilize this approach for results tracking, resource management as well as for monitoring and evaluation of their programs. (2011)

+ Money Skills Training , Barclays .
The financial literacy training was conducted under the "Banking on Brighter Futures" theme of Barclays Community Investment Strategy, focusing on financial inclusion, education, employment creation, and entrepreneurship. The training covered topics amongst others on budgeting, saving, types of loans, effective money management, how one can open a bank account, the importance of a savings account. (2010)

+ Project Cycle Management and Proposal Writing Training for Yemeni Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Sana'a, Yemen .
CDS was contracted to provide an intensive three-day training workshop on Project Cycle Management guidelines and Proposal Writing for local partners, enabling them to prepare full-fledged proposals of good quality and in accordance with the European Commission (EC) standards. This workshop brought the participants in contact with planning and implementation processes, as well as means of identifying and dealing with beneficiaries and projects' stakeholders. The workshop also enabled them to understand both the technical and managerial aspects of project management as well as EC requirements with regards to project design, monitoring and evaluation, reporting and sustainability. (2010)

+ Capacity Building for the Water Boards Project Staff, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.
The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation commissioned CDS to assist in their plan to develop the skills of the Water Boards Project staff members in three main disciplines: Team Building, Communication and Training of Trainers (ToT). To achieve this goal, a series of workshops were held to cover the following topics: strategic planning, problem solving, negotiation, TOT, participatory approaches and monitoring and evaluation. Training manuals were developed and tailored to meet the specific needs of the project staff. (2002/2003)