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With the support of our donors we have produced several exciting documentaries of our landmark projects.
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Promoting and Protecting the Interests of Children who Work (PPIC-Work)
Authors : Lisa van Dijk, Joy Pritchard, S.K. Pradhan and Kimberley Wells
Date: 2008- 2011
Subtitles: English
Funded by: Partners in Technology Exchange (PTE)

This documentary was developed as an outcome of CDS' work to improve the living conditions of children who work in smelters, and prevent child labor. In order to achieve the project's goal and as shown in this documentary, more than sixty (60) working children were given the opportunity to receive vocational training and work in a safe environment. Children also received literacy classes. This project was implemented under the umbrella of the Ministry of State for Family and Population, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood; with the participation of "Qalyoubia" governorate, and a number of governmental and non-governmental agencies in the city of Shubra al-Kheima.
Mit Rahina Community Development Project
Date: 2010
Funded by: Mobinil and the Japanese Embassy

This documentary is an outcome of our work in Mit Rahina village - Egypt's first capital and home to the colossal statues of Ramses II and temple ruins of Ptah, Hathour, and Apis. Yet, garbage has accumulated and spread across the village. The residents of Mit Rahina also suffer from limited access to clean water, causing chronic diarrhea, and renal and liver failure. This documentary shows the improved environmental and health conditions of the village through building two water treatment units that improved the quality of drinking water, the cleaning of garbage piles that used to accumulate in different corners and spread across the village, as well the sustainable garbage removal mechanism and the planting a number of trees for the beautification of Mit Rahina.
The Young Women's Leadership Program (YWLP)
Date: 2006-2010
Funded by: Mobinil and the Japanese Embassy
Produced by : CDS, NEF and IREX

The documentary is an outcome of our work through NGOs in establishing six (6) ICT resource centers in the governorates of El Minnya, Beni Suef, and Cairo to target a total of 6,600 beneficiaries. The video shows how the YWLP built the leadership and advocacy skills of 600 young women (18-25 years old), while reaching 2,400 younger girls (ages 13-17), 2,400 parents and community members, as well as 1,200 representatives of private, public, and civil society sectors. The young women emerged from the program informed and equipped with the skills, confidence, and experience to assume leadership roles in Egyptian society and make valuable contributions to their communities, leveraging an untapped resource in the promotion of democratic reform in Egyptian society.
Improving the Nursing Sector at Abu El-Reesh Pediatrics Hospital
Date: 2006-2010
Funded by: The Arab African International Bank

This documentary is an outcome of our work on the Arab African International Bank-financed project involving the design, preparation and implementation of training courses for Abu El-Reesh Pediatrics Hospital nursing staff to enhance their communicational, administrative, and behavioral skills. The project aimed at elevating the nurses' morale in addition to fostering a spirit of cooperation and service towards fellow hospital staff and clients.