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CDS is regarded as the largest single provider of Arabic-language development materials for NGOs in the Middle East. During the past decade, CDS has issued a large number of resources in Arabic, English and French on a variety of development issues.

We believe in providing access to development materials in Arabic, adapted to the local context that helps to build the skills and capabilities of development practitioners in the region. Apart from offering translation and printing services of existing publications, we also regularly publish the learning, lessons learnt and best practices from our programs both in Arabic and English. CDS seeks to contribute to a better understanding of good development practices through documenting successful case studies from the field.

Our upcoming publications and documentaries
Sharing the Load: A Guide to Improving the Welfare of Working Animals Through Collective Action
Authors : Lisa van Dijk, Joy Pritchard, S.K. Pradhan and Kimberley Wells
Adapted to the Arabic Language by : CDS
Date : 2011
Language : Arabic

CDS is currently working on the Arabic translation of this unique guide. This manual is written based on the experiences in Asia and Africa, including Egypt, on working (traction and transport) animals and their owners. "Sharing the Load" describes a process and provides methods and tools to develop a participatory monitoring system with groups of animal owners, leading to a sustainable improvement in their lives and that of working animal welfare.

This manual is written for community facilitators and anyone else who has direct contact with working animals and their owners: including vets, community-based animal health workers, government extension workers and development workers.

'This is a pioneering work of its own kind, which I am sure will contribute directly in improving the livelihoods and well-being of millions of poor people in Asia, Africa and Latin America who depend primarily or partly on income from working animals.' Kamal Kar, Chairman, CLTS Foundation, Kolkata, India
Resource Mobilization Guide
Author: Venture for Fund Raising (IDRC)
Adapted to the Arabic Language by: CDS
Date: 2011
Language: Arabic

CDS is translating and adapting the Resource Mobilization Guidebook published by IDRC.
The adapted Guidebook aims to serve and address the resource mobilization needs of community-based development research organizations in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The book is a comprehensive toolkit that guides community based organizations through the process of resource mobilization and thoroughly directs the efforts of these organizations to reach available resources and mobilize funds.

The Guidebook enables community-based organizations to plan their resource mobilization activities in a mission-driven manner that is responsive to their local context, as well as improves their fundraising-related communication. The case studies provides successful experiences and best practices of other similar organizations in the region. The book will be of great value for research and community based organizations to sustain their programs and interventions.

Mohammed Farouk, MD, MBA.

Head of Health Management and Research Unit, HMR

Dr. Mohammed is a medical doctor with a dual post graduate specialization in Transfusion Medicine and Healthcare Business Administration from Cairo University, Egypt and Clarkson University, US, respectively. Over his career path in both governmental and private sectors, he developed a special interest and experience in research methodologies, healthcare policy, and public health. Among other posts during his 17+ years of experience in the development and blood transfusion fields, he served as the key expert for several EU technical assistance programs  and Swiss Red Cross development projects in the MENA and Balkan regions. Currently he is heading the Health Management and Research unit at the Cairo-based CDS.

Kari Ibrahim, Program Specialist

Ms. Ibrahim provides support in the implementation of many projects at CDS as well as assisting in research, report and proposal writing. She has professional experience in several development sectors: economic empowerment ,child education, entrepreneurship, and community development. Coordinated a variety of workshops and vocational training as well as human development trainings with a focus on interpersonal skills and entrepreneurship for youth and women. Focused her early career on educational development worked with children with learning disorders in private schools and has volunteered for several development associations. Ms. Ibrahim has competences in fieldwork and grassroots development, studying impact assessments as well as providing coaching and mentorship services. Kari holds a bachelor degree in Spanish Translation  from the Faculty of Al Alsun, Ain Shams University.