The Closing Ceremony of the Leadership Training for MPMAR Employees Implemented by CDS in cooperation with EPSP and USAID

In the framework of the Leadership Training for the employees of the Ministry of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform (MPMAR), implemented by the Center for Development Services (CDS) in collaboration with the Effective Planning and Services Program (EPSP) and funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Dr. Ashraf Al-Araby – Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform witnessed the closing ceremony of the program; which took place on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016.  The ceremony was attended by Dr. Nihal El-Megharbel – Vice Minister for Monitoring (MPMAR); Mr. Carl Anderson – Head of Democracy and Governance Office (USAID); Ms. Salwa Tobbalah – Head of EPSP, USAID; Mr. Rudy Venko – Director of EPSP; Mr. Ali Mokhtar – Chief Executive Officer of CDS, as well as a number of representatives of MPMAR and USAID’s leaders and top management.


The Program aims at strengthening the capacity of MPMAR professionals and providing them with the necessary skills to enhance their performance and improve their productivity so that they can effectively contribute to enhancing the institutional performance of their Ministry and support it to achieve its vision and goals towards reaching sustainable and inclusive development.  To that end, the program – which took place over the duration of seven months beginning from February to August 2016 – included training workshops that addressed the topics of basic management, communication skills, negotiation skills, leadership skills and presentation skills, as well as time management and report writing.


In his speech at the ceremony, H.E. Minister Al-Araby praised the program, and stressed its importance for enhancing the institutional performance of MPMAR. He also expressed his aspiration that the program outcomes will be positively reflected on the performance of the Ministry’s staff members to enable them to assume leadership positions in the near future. Building on this, Mr. Mokhtar reaffirmed in his speech CDS’s commitment to human capacity development and the Center’s belief that investment in the development of human capabilities is of paramount importance for institutional capacity development, not only as a target of reform, but as a driver and a key supporter of the reform process. He also stressed on the keenness of CDS to take all necessary measures to make the best use of the outcomes of the program and support the institutional and human development efforts at MPMAR during the upcoming phases.

At the end of the ceremony, the Minister listened to the statements of the trainees and their impressions about the program and suggestions for optimizing the outcomes training during the next phase. Finally, the Minister handed over graduation certificates to the trainees of the Ministry.